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In Lima the wind blows in all directions, but it is the "Vientos Alicios", which come from the southwest, the most frequent and intense. It is important to consider the behavior of the wind in order to prevent and understand the damage caused by the pollutants that we emit. Our city has a lot of industrial activity and it is only thanks to our location on the coast that the air is renewed, otherwise we would have the same problem as Santiago de Chile or La Paz in Bolivia, which are surrounded by mountains and the air stagnates.


In Callao, due to the transport of mining materials, pollution reaches a terrible extreme that affects and sickens the population. This problem is observed on the train route and is long-standing. Some actions have been taken to counteract the problem: the wagons have been covered, the warehouses are now roofed (precisely so that the wind does not carry them) and these warehouses are obliged to reforest their perimeter. These measures are very positive, but we must respect them and continue moving in this direction.


The installation "La Rosa de los Vientos" seeks to awaken the general population, including the authorities, in the need to solve the problem.


The color pink is a small tribute to the "Sport Boys del Callao" on its anniversary, it is a very traditional football club that stands out for its cultural activity; his hymn and music in general, the pink color of his shirt among other artistic manifestations. The characters on the banners represent all the diversity of people and evokes the general meeting in the Plaza Matriz. I appreciate the possibility of sharing this work in such difficult times and a warm hug for Callao, Lima and as far as the wind reaches.


  • Sebastian Solari
Ancla 1
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